I prefer weeds and wild flowers but were you to give me tuberose I would be replete with joy. The smell of a dusty pavement drying after a spell of rain is my madeleine. I'm very good at pottering. On a windy day I get skittery and wild, like an unhinged cat. I collect notebooks and pens to a point that is absurd - and I really like sharpening pencils. I have a photographic memory for faces and weird little details that you mention in passing: this will freak you out when we next meet as I'll remember you and you'll be panicked and wondering who on earth I am. I am always being mistaken for someone else. Always. If you cry, or yawn, in my presence I will do the same but not if I'm in the cinema. I'm a mother and I like it. I read many books simultaneously and at speed. I talk at tangents and at some point in our conversation you'll lose the thread (as will I).