For me, a poem is a place where one invites someone in. You build a little house, fix it all up real nice. Inside,     you've got some interesting things you want to show them. Charles Simic

Hello, I'm Kate and this is my little house. Some notes of introduction:

I prefer weeds and wild flowers but were you to give me tuberose I would be replete with joy. The smell of a dusty pavement drying after a spell of rain is my madeleine. I'm very good at market pottering and thrifty shop shopping but please don't take me to a mall. On a windy day I get skittery and wild, like an unhinged cat. I collect notebooks and pens to a point that is absurd - and I really like sharpening pencils. I have a photographic memory for faces and weird little details that you mention in passing: this will freak you out when we next meet as I'll remember you and you'll be panicked and wondering who on earth I am. I am always being mistaken for someone else. Always. If you cry in my presence I will do the same although I refuse to cry in the cinema. I'm a mother and I like it. I wish telepathy was a viable form of communication. Poetry is my internal compass. If you like to take in an exhibition in painstaking chronological detail I will meet you later in the cafe, after I've darted about and gone around at least twice, including in the wrong direction. Should we meet for coffee, I will find it hard to settle around the first table we sit at and will be nosy about our neighbours. I read many books simultaneously and at speed. I talk at tangents and at some point in our conversation you'll lose the thread (as will I). 

I'm very happy to welcome you and would love to hear from you. I so enjoy getting to know the people who visit these pages.